In sharing a little about myself, I must begin with my childhood. My parents were Southern Baptist missionaries and most of their married life was devoted to the mission field, primarily in Indonesia. I was born and raised within the islands of Indonesia where artistic expression and craftsmanship are a way of life, being a vital part of the local culture and economy. My strongest childhood memories are of my preteen years, where we lived in the small remote town of Bukittinggi located in the mountains of West Sumatra. Our family was one of two white-skinned families living in the region. I spent most of my time with the neighborhood kids and because of that association and friendship I learned the art of crafting my own toys, kites, etc., using materials at hand with skill and imagination. It taught me much about creativity and “thinking outside the box”. What was then considered just a normal way of life I now recognize as having had a large part in the development of who I am and how I work today. I consider it a blessing to have grown up in, and been influenced by the richly creative atmosphere of that community.

Coming home stateside as a young adult, I received schooling and entered the workforce choosing Commercial Art as my vocation. This took place in the days of ‘Life Before Computers’. I learned and mastered the traditional methods of print and advertising which would sound like a foreign language today. Times have changed and I must admit I enjoy the flexibility that technology has brought into this industry, and working from home, town or abroad is definitely one of the perks. I have now worked in this field for thirty years and still enjoy facing new challenges, acquiring new skills and you will still find me trying to “think outside the box”. My wife Ruthann and I have been married for 30 years. She is an incredibly gifted artist and the portrait of me that is shown here is an oil painting she did from life. Our five children are now grown and stepping into their individual destinies. There is much to be thankful for and we love living in the beautiful hills close to Nashville, Tennessee. Once again we find ourselves becoming knit into a community that is rich in the creative arts expressed so abundantly through music and art. It is so much a part of who we are. God is good and we are blessed.